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APAR (Annual Performance Assessment Report) Portal is an online web-enabled system developed by Computer Facility, AIIMS. This platform primarily aims to enable online submission of APAR forms by the employees of AIIMS. This portal also facilitates an employee to track the status of one's APAR forms at every stage of appraisal.

APAR forms should be filled with due diligence and caution.

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User Manual

APAR(Annual Performance Assessment Report)


As per Order number - F.No.-1-1/2022-23/e-APAR/Estt.-I dated 20.02.2023.

S. No. Activity Dates by which to be completed
1 Distribution of Blank APAR Forms 31st March, 2023
2 Submission of self-appraisal to reporting officer 15th May, 2023
3 Forwarding of report by Reporting Officer to Reviewing Officer 30th June, 2023
4 Forwarding of report by Reviewing Officer to APAR Cell / Accepting Authority (wherever provided) 31st July, 2023
5 Appraisal by Accepting Authority, wherever provided or applicable 31st August, 2023
6 (i) Disclosure of APAR to the officer reported upon where there is no Accepting Authority
(ii) Disclosure of APAR to the officer reported upon where there is Accepting Authority
1st September, 2023

15th September, 2023
7 Receipt of Representation, if any, on APAR 15 days from the date of disclosure
8 Forwarding of Representation to the Competent Authority:

(a) Where there is no Accepting Authority for APAR
(b) Where there is Accepting Authority for APAR

21st September, 2023
06th October, 2023
9 Disposal of Representation by Competent Authority Within one month of date of receipt of representation by Competent Authority
10 Communication of the decision of the competent authority on the representation by the APAR Cell 15th November, 2023
11 End of entire APAR Process, after which the APAR will be finally taken on record. 30th November, 2023

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