As Reviewing Officer


Open web browser say, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and enter the URL - in the address bar. Click on Login button.

The following page will be displayed.


Provide your registered mobile number as your username and click LOGIN button. In the next page, enter the password as given by Computer Facility and then click OK button.

A page will be displayed as below.


Read Ratee Officer’s APAR

To open the APAR form of ratee officer, click on the menu HR Management > Apar > Apar to be reviewed. Please refer the below page.


Use switch button to view the detailed view of the APAR form of the Ratee officer.

Refer to the below page for further reference.


You can view:

  • The basic information of the ratee officer.

  • Self Appraisal.

  • The answers given by ratee officer of Part2.

  • Track the Ratee Officer’s APAR form.

Give Grading and Remarks in PART 3

To give grading and remarks to the Ratee Officer, click on the menu HR Management > Apar > Apar to be reviewed and go to Reporting tab. The page will be opened as shown below.


Go to Section and give the Grades to sections 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 individually. Once you have given the grades, save the form and overall grades will be automatically calculated. Overall Grade - Reporting field will display the average grades given by you.

Also you need to go to Review and give remarks against every question. Refer to the below page for further reference.


Once you have given the grades and remarks, click submit button to initiate the process of sending form to the Acceptance authority.

Once you save the form, a pop up appears informing that you will receive an OTP on your registered Mobile Number. Click Yes to give the permission to receive OTP.

Once you validate the OTP, your grades and remarks are saved and the form will go to the Acceptance Authority.